Name – one of the main components of the brand as for major international corporations as well as for small businesses. Depends on the perception of the brand name and its success , because the brand name is repeated hundreds of thousands of times each day on the site, in negotiations, business documents, e-mails, promotional materials, packaging and souvenirs. We create meaningful names that inform the target market about the nature of the company, about what she was doing.

Apt name – a valuable tool

Developing a brand name in KENGURU based on business strategy of the client company, its history and culture. Naming requires us to creativity, discipline and strategic vision.

Good name corresponds to the positioning of the brand and is a strategic communicator, creating a free communication with the consumer within 24 hours. Name helps the company to grow, to change, to achieve success. Name that is hard to pronounce and remember, the unfortunate and could undermine the future of the company and all of its marketing plans.

Title search

Development of the name for a company, product or service begins with research and analysis of the client’s business and its competitive environment. It is important that the name was different from the names of the competitors possess unique. Then we define the individual criteria influenced by the challenges of a particular brand. After brainstorming we spend hundreds of name selection options.
Name chosen for a long time

Naming in Moscow – a laborious but exciting process, which governs us the desire to create a bright, good name. After testing a variety of names, we find something that will work and meet all the criteria, including compliance with the product category, memorability, phonosematic attraction, positive associations.

We will develop your name that will love your team, customers and partners, and that will lead you to success!