Brand book development


A brand book is a brand management guide that describes its values and the way such values are revealed to the target audience. Brand book creation implies the development and approval of the rules required to form correct relationship between the brand and the target audience. They also form a perceptual unity using key identifiers (symbols and necessary attributes).

Focus on details

A brand book gives a clear idea of your corporate culture, clearly demonstrates how your corporate printing should look like, and highlights the main elements to be used in offices, points of sale, exhibition stands and advertising media of all types.

A brand book for a brand or your company is an effective tool that constantly works to create a positive image. A brand book is also an important internal document for each self-respecting company. It provides an opportunity to understand how the brand lives, not only for its staff, but also for partners.

Brand features

A brand book is not just a good-looking corporate book. It includes the following important information:

  • Mission and philosophy of the company
  • Description of brand values
  • Key features of the target audience
  • A list of mandatory requirements to work with corporate identity
  • Key brand identifiers: logo, fonts, color palette, print product mockups (business cards, letterforms, and envelopes)
  • Description of the brand message sent to the consumer
  • Description of message channels
  • Description of message communication methods (audio, video, photo, and texts).

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