Object video recording

Product presentation

Object video recording is a great way to show your product and focus on its design, materials, and textures. Such a video will help achieve the recognizability of your product or brand in a quick manner. It is widely used in advertising of clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, furniture, appliances, gadgets, and cars.

Object video recording is of particular importance in cases, when you need to represent a product, tell about its features and advantages. If a product to be promoted has a small size, for example, it is a piece of jewelry, there is a greater need for the specialists, who can demonstrate the smallest details.

Experience matters

KENGURU Agency offers video recording services. Our professional cameramen have solid experience and know all important nuances of the correct representation of goods: focal distance, light, fleck play, background, camera angle, and camera movement. Customers see not only beautiful shots in a finished video. They also receive answers to all questions about the product, and ultimately, make a purchase decision. For this purpose, videos are often supplemented with infographics and captions.

The cost of video recording always depends on the product appearance, your wishes, and the scenario. We will record videos of any complexity in a qualified manner, with high-quality, and on time.

Food and beverage shooting (Food-shot or tabletop)

If we talk about professional food shooting, then the French woman’s rule is remembered: if I’m a hard nut to crack, eat me with your eyes.

It’s the same for the video advertising of food and drinks for restaurants or cafes, the purpose of which is to make you want to buy or taste after watching it!

When the food-shooting begins, the food-stylist becomes the “chef” of the process, who creates the most presentable appearance for the dishes being shot. Food-shot is always aimed at visual perception. The director decides how it will look in the frame: correct lighting, background, combination of different food, availability of necessary attributes, play of light and shadow, and correct compositional solution. The food-director, like the food-stylist, has special skills. The food-director is like an artist, who doesn’t repeat their work twice, seeking the necessary combination of details (drops on glass, glare on a wine bottle edge, ice cubes falling, a “twister” of powdered sugar), as well as the accuracy of the idea implementation.

In the process, an increased attention is paid to the color scheme. The general coloring shouldn’t draw attention away from the main course, but rather highlight it, attracting a viewer. Moreover, the right color creates the right mood. Very often, during shooting, appropriate accessories, which would create or complement the desired atmosphere, are required. It could be a beautiful wooden table, elegant dishes, etc.


The price of food-shot is calculated based on a task, as well as the cost of its implementation. We are ready to answer all your questions, and calculate the individual cost, if you complete the brief.
To order a video, please call +7 (985) 762 05 58 or e-mail your order to hi@kenguru.agency.