Branding Agency, Russia

Brand – it’s more than just a logo. This promise, the basic idea, reputation and expectations that are formed in the minds of people about the product or company.

Brand design starts with finding differences. The unique advantage of the brand will take a favorable position in the minds of consumers and gain a real competitive advantage in the market.

Found points of differentiation – a framework that defines the strategy for the development and promotion of the brand.

Branding in Moscow creative agency KENGURU – is a comprehensive system that will help your brand grow. It includes:

Brief Market Analysis:

– study of competitors;

– study of buyers and consumers;

– the study of competitive advantages and disadvantages of (product), for which (which ) creates a brand.

Future brand platform:

– positioning;

– mission, goals , vision and values;

– naming;

– slogan;

– Legend brand.

Visual image of the brand future:

– logo;

– corporate identity;

– brand book.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with tools for sustainable growth of your brand and business. We accomplish this by creating a brand identity, its consistency in the name, slogan, logo, marketing and communication materials. Each element of the brand needs to be unique, reflect its strategy.

Branding for achieving

We strive to create a brand that expresses the mission and core values of the company, who will speak to the target audience of the same language. This interaction will help build a h2 interest in your product or service. We know that good design helps ignite and to sustain the interest of customers.


We offer simple solutions that understood by the target audience , and most importantly , help in achieving the objectives of our clients. Staying true to this principle, we propose an efficient and intuitive creativity, which is coordinated with the brand strategy.

You purchase

Our portfolio of experience creating and maintaining brand ensures that your investment will be well spent. With our extensive knowledge in the field of branding , you will get a number of marketing tools that will highlight your brand among competitors. h2 message , a bright visual image and original design are crucial to creating a sustainable brand identity.