Advertising campaign concept

The fundamental stage in the advertising concept development is to find the key idea that characterizes the brand as accurately as possible. The customer vision of your product depends on what the key idea will be. Advertising creative implies an original, often non-standard view of the goods (services).

Development stages

1. Brand research
Based on chosen distinctive feature of the product, the advertising will be created. It is important for a brand to identify itself and become recognizable, while not imitating anyone.

2. Definition of the target audience and the formation of its portrait
A preliminary comprehensive analysis of consumers is required – from habits, behavior patterns, desire to imitate and to obvious preferences. Identify their stereotypes regarding your product. The basis for creativity is always a clear understanding of who will be offered a particular product.

3. Analysis of competitors’ advertising
We study the strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of advertising competing brands. The techniques and emotional message are also analyzed.

4. Determination of the advertising campaign main task
It is important to determine what we need to convey to the potential consumer.

5. Search for a unique advertising campaign idea
We brainstorm and generate ideas. Next, we test them, taking into account the criteria of the brief. It is also important that the idea is original, emotional, close and understandable to the target audience.

6. Presentation
After testing, three variants of advertising concepts are selected for presentation and approval by the customer.

7. Concept visualization
Visualization of the advertising campaign concept with further adaptation for the necessary advertising media: TV commercials, outdoor advertising, the Internet, etc.

8. Preparation and transferring to the client the developed materials

Creating a non-standard effective concept requires not only talent but also professional skills. Creative agency KENGURU has extensive experience in developing advertising concepts. We do not just offer bright ideas. Everything is subordinated to the fact that the product that plans to enter the market should identify itself, be radically different from the competitors and attract the attention of your customers.

We are proud of our portfolio and truly support all projects. The creativity is in our blood, but at the same time, we are responsible and systemic.
With KENGURU AGENCY, you are guaranteed a balance between creativity and precise timing and budget.