Живчик логотип

Concept of advertising campaign for TM “ZHIVCHIK”

High five!

“Zhivchik” is the most famous Ukrainian drink for children and the whole family. Our task was to propose an idea of ​​an advertising campaign, which will announce the re-design of labels and a wide range of tastes of TM “Zhivchik”.
Using the current communication platform – active childhood – we built an idea on insight: birthday is the best and favorite day of the year for a child. Children are waiting for it like magic. However,the holiday will not take place without friends.
The proposed idea was the winner in focus groups. Having passed difficult and important stages – casting actors, choosing a location, shooting, animating heroes, creating 3d graphics, editing, color correction, sounding and writing the original melody – turned out to be a bright, emotional video.
The video introduces children to the “Zhivchik” brand heroes in a game style. Each of the heroes corresponds to a different taste: apple, orange, lemon, cherry and makes it fun, engaging in active games, creating a festive mood for everyone.
The video focuses on the fact that each child is an individual. This is reflected in appearance, clothing, and interests. Individuality is manifested in the choice of “your” “Zhivchik”.
The idea is conveyed by the slogan – “High five!” The slogan has a double meaning. He encourages consumers to buy five flavors of “Zhivchik”: apple, pear, cherry, orange, and lemon.
In addition, the phrase “High five!” has a common sense. It is used in everyday life as an approval, after which friends clap each other on the palm.

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