Creation of animated videos

KENGURU 3D Animation Studio offers professional services for creating promotional animated videos and films. You can easily reach potential customers or partners, improve your company’s image, increase brand awareness and represent yourself publicly with the help of bright, dynamic and lively videos.
In our work, we use two methods for the animated video creation:

  1. Two-dimensional method: Videos are created in a classic style using vector and bitmap images. The main goal of such videos is non-standard presentation of a product, visual demonstration of its advantages, an explanation of business processes, etc.;
  2. Three-dimensional method: Any 3D-animated video is created on the basis of three-dimensional models that make it possible to achieve greater realism of visuals. It can be used both to promote and to create a cinematic product.

Moreover, the latter are not always better than the former. It all depends on the tasks assigned to them.

Service content

Our 3D Studio works comprehensively, performing a full range of tasks

assigned by a customer:

  • We develop a scenario and a concept;
  • We develop video design;
  • We simulate objects;
  • We create three-dimensional or two-dimensional characters and animation;
  • We create object visualization;
  • We animate infographics for presentations;
  • We mount 2D and 3D scenes;
  • We “cut” an object from a finished video using a frame-by-frame animation of the mask (rotoscoping);
  • We make multilayer montage (composing);
  • We sound the video and provide it with musical accompaniment.

The work itself includes 6 stages:

  1. Scenario and concept creation, their agreement with the customer, and correcting;
  2. Storyboarding;
  3. Detailed drawing of all elements of a future video;
  4. Animation of drawings;
  5. Bringing video footage to the format you need (file resolution and size depend on the format);
  6. Music selection and application, sound recording.

As a result, you get a ready-to-use 2D or 3D animation video, nonconventional presentation, etc.

Your choice

Each type of animation solves specific problems. Two-dimensional videos are an ideal solution for presentations, as you can demonstrate product benefits in a clear way, show any workflow schematically, etc.

3D animated videos make it possible to achieve an increased level of photorealism and present the objects that are difficult or impossible to study personally. Volumetric graphics is also widely used in cinema. In this format, a piece of work can be created in whole or in part to solve the visual problems required.

Why customers choose us

KENGURU 3D Animation Studio is an experienced team following all three-dimensional design trends that is prepared to bring any of your ideas to life. We don’t improvise, if it’s irrelevant. We consider all wishes and requirements of our customers and give a result that meets the assigned terms of reference.

Did you get interested? Complete a short brief below and we will provide you with detailed information on the cost of your order. Or call us on the contact number for a free consultation.

At KENGURU 3D studio, you may order an animation video that will definitely lead a viewer to the emotion desired!