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TV Commercials

Video – a powerful tool

Qualitative video – is a powerful tool for brand promotion. We have the talent and production resources for the production of videos that inspire , educate, persuade , arouse interest and help to promote your company , product, service.

Infomercial should be effective and meet the marketing objectives of the client company . KENGURU we understand this , so put together a team of the best craftsmen who know how to achieve the highest level of results on time and within your budget . This talented professionals : writers , copywriters , directors, producers , artists, casting and location managers , directors and animators installation .

With our creative team to work nicely , our administrative , shooting and artistic groups in Moscow and Kiev. We can arrange an exit survey at any point of Russia , Ukraine, Europe and the West.

We work directly with clients and advertising agencies that do not have their Prodakshen . We manage the project from concept to final product formation.

How do we create videos

Create infomercial begins with an introduction to the company. We ask questions . We’re listening . We know the audience for which manufactured infomercial . We discover the unique promise that should be communicated , and how to – or staging to film roll animation , graphic . After developing the creative concept . The idea has an experienced team of creative writers and copywriters KENGURU. The basic principles that we consider when creating ideas : first, the idea must be close and understandable target audience , and secondly, they must be original , and finally , they must have some influence to encourage the audience to action. When an idea is approved, we embody it.

Together with KENGURU

We are engaged in the production of videos since 2008. Over the years we have worked with a wide range of enterprises. This gives us an understanding of the various business sectors. Neither the order is not for us too big or small – we have the resources for a project of any size.

Making infomercial – our passion. Creativity is crucial for the production of the video. We enjoy this process , we love to create outstanding videos . And create them for you!