Tight-knit team

Each video shooting requires hard preparatory work by a tight-knit team. It includes a group of multifunctional specialists. In order to embody an idea and to see the final result, the director works closely with a cameraman, a lighting designer, a set dresser, dress designers, stylists and makeup artists.
If video production is associated with food advertising, a food stylist necessarily joins the team.

Close attention to every detail

Like any project, video creation requires certain steps: script writing and approving, preparatory period for shooting, when the location is selected, casting of actors, musicians, dancers, etc. for a shooting process itself, as well as film footage editing and post-processing.

Together we achieve results

All participants of the production project and actors come together at the film set on the appointed day. The customer always visits the shooting of our videos. It is required to quickly discuss and agree on some unforeseen points. Such points could be random improvisations that may be very successful, but at the same time deviating from the script approved by the customer. But changes include not only the improvisation. No one is safe from force majeure, such as an ill actor, unsuitable weather for the script plan, etc.

We often shoot advertising videos for TV with RedEpic and ARRI Alexa cameras. A video shot with camcorders with professional cinema optics Ultra Prime and Master Prime gives an aesthetic advertising image. In addition to the camera, we use professional lighting devices, grips, trolleys, camera cranes, generators, skylifts, etc.

And cut

KENGURU Creative Agency has many years of experience in shooting videos. Our ready-made portfolio speaks volumes. The videos shot by our team are constantly broadcast on central TV channels. We invite you to plunge with us into the wonderful world of creating high-quality and effective videos.