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Production studio KENGURU

Videoproduction part of the creative agency services KENGURU. We have a manufacturing base in the heart of Ukraine – in Kiev and Moscow office.

Ukraine – the perfect place to create a video. This is a beautiful country with a rich history, diverse architecture and unique nature. On its territory there are amazing corners of our planet, where in winter you can shoot the scene in which the action takes place in the spring. Majestic mountains, pine forests, scenic landscapes, rivers, prairies and fields fascinate pristine beauty and create an excellent opportunity for shooting.

Video production in Ukraine is as good as Western Europe and Moscow, and at a cost significantly lower.

Experience from 2008 to the Ukrainian market allows us to organize video anywhere in the country. We can also conduct survey in Russia involving Ukrainian and Russian filmmakers. During seven years of practice production studio KENGURU sold production of videos for clients from various industries such as food, fashion, finance, medicine and others.

Our Approach

Our production studio uses the latest video cameras and production equipment of the highest class. We combine the best team in the Ukraine and Russian artists : writers, directors, cameramen, producers, kastingdirektorov, stylists, artists costumes, art directors, sound engineers, composers, installers and animation. They are professionals with experience in film, television, in the creation of music videos, documentaries, creative advertising, corporate and viral videos.

From concept to post-production

Creating commercials and films we guide from start to finish. This includes the entire creative and technical process, from concept to animation and post-production. Comes up with original ideas of our creative agency. The distinctive idea can become a decisive advantage, convince the target audience to see, to hear, to make a purchase.

Once adopted the concept, we are writing the script, think style, video feed, as well as draw storyboards. Then proceed to the shooting. Create videos almost always occurs in conjunction with the photoshoot. This allows you to save the budget and achieve the visual identity of the roller and the print, that increases brand awareness and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Along with our crew over commercials employs some of the most experienced animators and designers working today in the industry. We have been producing 2D-, 3D- animation, character design, animating typography. Making commercials is not without post-production studio talented team KENGURU produces color correction video, retouching, creates original music composition, sound design and audio post-production.

Why studio production KENGURU?

Because we are ambitious. We are able to respond quickly. We want to do a better job and be the best. The combination of experience, high-end manufacturing base, skill and talent of people allows us to create the perfect balance of concept, image quality and content of each video products. This means that you get a video that will work for your business. Take a look at our work and customer reviews and you'll see what we can.