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Creating a logo in KENGURU

Why logo design – this is important

Logo creates the appearance of the brand and the brand itself. Design Studio in Moscow KENGURU can spend redesign existing visual image or develop a new logo from scratch at a bargain price. We will develop your strong logo – a unique and simple, well -read in various forms and at different scales, which expresses your company and will stand out from the mass of competitors.

Start your own brand with a strong logo!

Our task – to bring in symbols and images unique vision of your organization , to express its essence , goals, values, and character. The first step to designing a logo – an understanding of customer needs and dive into his business.

Clear understanding of the market, positioning and contrast the client company from the competition helps to find a conceptual solution logo. Through research and analysis of the competitive environment , we begin the creative process of creating a logo.

Developing logo in Moscow , we strive to create a simple form , bold and memorable. We create three completely different version of the logo , each of which – the result of a thorough search in the area of fonts and typographic design. Brand names presented letters and symbols , words and images.We determine which type of design will better meet customer needs , and arguing the merits of a particular logo.

We visualize ideas for future

We consider a set of ideas that check and test in practice. In supersaturated visual environment requires a strong belief that the proposed solution is unique and will distinguish your company from your competitors. The best options are , in which there is meaning. He fills the form and content inspiring. If the consumer will understand the meaning behind the logo designed , it will quickly recognize the brand.

Logos that we create not only original and noticeable , but also cater for the future, help the company to grow, develop and succeed.