Television video for sanitary brand KOLO

The television video representing the plumbing of the famous KOLO brand is part of the advertising concept developed by our creative team for this company. The video was created primarily for the Ukrainian-speaking audience, and we had the opportunity to beat the brand name. The name KOLO is a homophone; in Ukrainian, it means a circle. In this concept, we beat the name, thereby improving the memorability of TM by 15% (according to research). We also emphasized the theme of the family circle.

Most people like to bask in the bathroom for a long time, relaxing, indulging, playing, performing hits, blowing bubbles – it all depends on age, temperament, preferences, and habits. Yes, and privacy in the toilet often becomes a rescue and a respite from the hustle and bustle. However, it is worthwhile to afford real relaxation, as someone immediately strives to destroy this pleasure. Nevertheless, a perfectly equipped bathroom of solitude with high-quality sanitary ware – a place where you can stay with yourself to gain strength.

The shooting was with recreating a fun family atmosphere, with a touch of good humor, a generally positive attitude.