Креативное агентство KENGURU

How not to get lost and profitable product to stand out among similar to it on the shelf? What is the signal that tells the consumer the right decision about choosing a product? The answer is simple – the label!

 Developing a label – it is, above all an understanding of what we offer is not just a pretty picture. In fact, we use the most promotional plane directly on the product. This attracts the attention of media, talks about the product for a few seconds.

 Design of labels motivates to buy

 Competent label design impresses and offers to his buyer, claiming to buy. Creating a label is not possible without understanding the tastes and preferences of the target audience.

 The design of the label not only identifies the product and renders it a competitive advantage. First of all, it reflects the positioning and communicates its status to the consumer: “I – the road” or conversely, “I – is available.”

 Making labels consists of several stages

As with any major project, the label design process consists of successive stages. On the basis of the terms of reference, brendinogovoe agency KENGURU shapes his vision of the final result, coordinating it with the customer. Based on the analysis of the competitive environment, we offer several options for conceptual solutions. Approves them with the customer, we design the layout and, if necessary, to adapt to the existing product line. The final stage – preparation for printing. Turning to us, our customers save time on searching for printing. KENGURU Branding Agency offers and carries out the best way to print labels.

 As a result of all this work, the design of the label becomes part of a single style, fitting into the overall design concept. It becomes part of the expressive image of the goods, the main component of his image, which attracts attention and makes you want to buy the product.