Креативное агентство KENGURU

An important role for the development of each company plays the name of the company, brand or service. Bright, concise, memorable name – the main link between the consumer and the product. With the name of the goods (services), identifies potential consumer brand, defines the essence and form perception. Caused by associations and emotions affect consumer demand.

The correct naming of the company

Daily entry into the market of new products and services, complicates the task of developing naming and requires knowledge, experience and professionalism. Customers offer custom names, deftly otstraivaya from competitors, but forgetting that the name does not cause association with your company, product or service. Competent naming the company reflects the core values ??of the brand and defines the benefits to the consumer. Properly designed name voiced expectations of the target audience, discloses the concept and advantages of the brand. Accurate and well-chosen name, attracts consumers, stimulates the growth of sales, develop and promote the business. The name must sell!

Development of a bright company name

The portfolio KENGURU agency developed dozens of vivid, memorable, and most importantly working for success, titles. Development of the company’s name and the name of the goods (services) takes place in several stages, which are determined by the names of the generation rules. The work begins with a clear definition of semantic areas, identify various parts of speech of words with a common semantic feature. Of the large number of applicants, selected the best. They tested the ease and euphony pronunciation, memorization speed, unambiguous pronunciation, call the desired number of associative and emotions, lack of verbal sabotage. And only after spending a thorough comprehensive analysis, leaders are determined, which are tested for purity patent. Agency KENGURU develops unconventional, attention is drawn to names that fit harmoniously into the desired category. Examples of the development of the company names and trademarks presented in the portfolio.