Packaging design / label

One of the main components of the consumer brand is the packaging. It is impossible to separate from our perceptions of the brand.

Development of packaging design is the creation of its elements such as shape, decorated with graphic & shy; set, color scheme, and a text message.

For Professionals KENGURU AGENCY Development of packaging / labels, always based on the fact that the packaging should inspire confidence in the brand, to be self-sufficient and to determine the status of the product.

Supermarket Shelves it is a battlefield. When designing a label, we know that it must be profitable to allocate goods on the shelf depends on a victory over the competition.

When designing the packaging, we work closely with industrial designers, engineers and manufacturers of products. The strength of the packaging design in its consistency and integrity.

We know that creating literate label provides a competitive advantage and increase sales. Each time, creating a new design, our experts monitor the entire life cycle of packaging and its interaction with.

While working on the design of the package, we, first of all, create a unique competitive advantage. After packing & ndash; This is the best seller.

Development of the package price

The cost of packaging design depends on several factors, we will be happy to advise you, fill in the brief and make an individual offer.